DPhil Projects

My research interests lie in understanding the role of uncertain small-scale processes on weather, seasonal and climate timescales. Because these processes are uncertain, we must take a probabilistic approach, and represent the uncertainties associated with these small-scale processes when building weather and climate models.

I have a particular interest in tropical climate variability, including the El Niño-Southern Oscillation and the Madden Julian Oscillation. These are naturally occurring modes of variability which give us predictability on timescales of several weeks to many months. Correctly predicting these phenomena gives us a key source of information on sub-seasonal to seasonal timescales. Improving our forecasts of these processes will require a better understanding of the physics behind these processes, as well as insights into how to represent this physics in our forecast models.

Any projects under these overarching themes would be developed in discussion with the student. Here are a few example projects, to give an idea of scope.

Improving probabilistic weather and climate forecasts using observational constraints

The global impacts of El Niño

Machine learning for weather and climate prediction

Atmospheric predictability: from days to decades